Easiest Casino Games For Newbies

Despite the he popularity that casinos have, there are a great many people who have never set foot in one in their lifetime. I am quite a fan of passing my night in the casino and I am lucky enough to have the maize Bicycle Hotel and Casino right here in California. Very often when friends or work colleagues come to visit, I like to spend at least one night with them in this casino, enjoying the entertainment, the promotions and of course, the casino games.

Casinos can be quite daunting if you don’t know what you are doing, especially when it comes to games like craps and poker. There are however, some games which are perfect for newbies and if it is your first time in a casino, these are the games that you should be playing.

Higher or Lower

Higher or lower is a super simple game that just involves you deciding whether the next card to be turned over will be higher or lower than the previous card. All casinos will vary but more often than not you will lay your money down and then be required to guess 3 or 4 correctly, before doubling your money. Games like this serve as a perfect introduction to gambling in a casino and you can begin to feel more relaxed in your surroundings.


If you don’t feel comfortable gambling on a table in front of people, you can always play some slots where it will just be you versus a machine. Slots can be a great way for you to win some money and they are incredibly easy to play, in fact most pretty much guide you through the process. If you do hit the slots, make sure that you give yourself a time limit as the hours can fly by very quickly indeed, without you knowing about it.


The roulette wheel has become a symbol of casinos all around the world and it is a very easy game for newcomers to get involved with. The basics of the game are that a metal ball will be spun around the roulette wheel, and you will bet on where you think it will end up at the end. There are many different ways in which you can bet on roulette, and it is this that adds the most fun. You could keep the bet simple and go red or black, odd or even, alternatively you could bet on a single number, a section of the board, 4 numbers, 2 numbers or even a combination of all of these bets. There is no limits to how many times you can bet and each one will have various probabilities meaning you win various amounts of money. This is a super fun and very easy way to spend your time in a casino, and I would recommend it as one of your first games to play.