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Filtered Drinking Water: What Are the Benefits?

You’re likely well aware that a good daily water intake is a fantastic way to promote great health. However, drinking the wrong water could be detrimental to your health.

Water is often filled with dirt, chemicals, and bacteria that can cause serious health issues. This is especially true for infants, the elderly, and people with compromised immune systems. And aside from the health risks, these are unwanted substances that you can taste, which ruins the pleasure of a pure glass of water.

That’s why you should only consume filtered drinking water. Read on to learn some of the many benefits of drinking filtered water.

A Water Filter Removes Sediments

At its source, water is often filled with leaves, dirt, and other debris. While most of these sediments aren’t hazardous to health, they give water an unpleasant taste. A water filtration system solves this issue by removing all these sediments and particles.

A Water Filter Reduces Minerals

Iron, calcium, and magnesium make your water taste like metal. While this may not be a health-related issue, nobody enjoys a metallic taste in their mouths. A water filter significantly reduces these minerals, thus eliminating the unpleasant taste.

A Water Filter Removes Pathogens

Unfiltered water can be full of deadly bacteria and pathogens. Water contaminated by animal or human waste can be a breeding ground for the bacteria Giardia intenstinalis. Ingesting this bacteria can result in Giardiasis, which can cause several weeks of diarrhea.

Other parasites and pathogens can be ingested with unfiltered water, resulting in serious illness. These pathogens are removed with filtered drinking water, so it’s the only water you should be drinking.

A Water Filter Removes Toxins and Chemicals

Many water utility companies disinfect water with chlorine, giving the water an unpleasant taste. Moreover, it can interact with metals to create dangerous compounds that can be consumed in drinking water.

Other hazardous materials that can get into drinking water include lead, pesticides, and poisonous chemicals. Most pesticides and chemicals have a warning label that says, “Not intended for human consumption”. It goes without saying that we shouldn’t have these chemicals in our drinking water.

These reasons and more are why you need to shop for a water filter, such as the fluoride water filter from Royal Berkey. These devices remove all unwanted materials that ruin the water’s taste and negatively impact your health. Putting your money towards a quality water filter is essential to preventing the potential issues with unfiltered tap water.

Benefits of Filtered Drinking Water

This water filter guide should help you understand the benefits of only consuming filtered drinking water. In doing so, you put yourself at a significantly lower risk of developing illnesses that unfiltered tap water can cause. Moreover, you’ll enjoy a taste of pure water untainted by metallic tasting chemicals or minerals.

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