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Give Hemp a Chance: Here’s What Hemp Wraps Are Made Of

Have you ever wondered, “What are hemp wraps?” Most likely you’ve heard the term “rolling a blunt” many times, but you may not have ever given thought to the kind of paper used to do so.

Well, there’s a new type of paper that’s made its way on the scene and many people have taken a liking to it. However, if you’re a rookie when it comes to hemp wraps, don’t worry. The information below will fill you in on everything you need to know about these alternative wraps and help you decide if you should give them a try.

What is Hemp?

Although you might have heard a lot about hemp wraps, you may not fully understand what hemp is. Well, it’s similar to cannabis because it’s the same species of plant as marijuana.

However, hemp and marijuana aren’t necessarily the same thing. Some people use each name to describe two different types of plants, and hemp manufacturers use fewer chemicals than those who produce marijuana. And those who grow marijuana to make users feel high add in more elements like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

What are Hemp Wraps?

Hemp wraps are an alternative to traditional blunt wraps that most people are familiar with. If you prefer a wrap that doesn’t contain nicotine and are a tab bit better for your health, these are the answer.

Not only that, but they burn a lot slower than blunt wraps, which is a welcome incentive. One of the main reasons why hemp wraps are so popular is because they don’t contain all of the additives that are found in nicotine blunt wraps, but they still provide that slow, flavorful burn.

It’s important to remember that inhaling anything other than oxygen can create negative health effects, especially if you smoke often. However, using hemp wraps is still a better option than blunt wraps because they don’t have tobacco in them. Those who are worried about having increased health risks from smoking may choose to use hemp.

Unfortunately, switching to hemp doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t experience issues with your respiratory system.

Hemp vs. Blunt Wraps

There isn’t a major difference between the two other than the lack of chemicals in hemp wraps. They both share similar tastes and come in a variety of sizes and flavors.

Basically, the wrap you choose boils down your preference. Some people like that extra nicotine kick that they get from blunt wraps, and so that’s what they prefer.

How Much CBD is in High Hemp Wraps?

Hemp does contain trace amounts of THC; however, smoking a hemp wrap on its own won’t create a high. If you want a high, you’ll have to add in marijuana flower buds or extracts that have higher amounts of THC in them.

You may notice that some hemp wrap manufacturers advertise that there is CBD in hemp wraps, and essentially that’s true. Hemp naturally creates CBD compounds that can be extracted for therapeutic purposes. However, a hemp wrap only has about 0.2 mg in it, which won’t create any high effects.

Where to Buy Hemp Wraps

Luckily for you, hemp wraps have gained a lot of popularity, so finding them won’t be too hard. You can simply Google “where can I buy high hemp wraps near me”, and you’ll most likely find plenty of results. Not to mention, there are tons of retailers on the internet. Even if you can’t find shops in your area, you can always order them from an online source.

Also, the cool thing about buying hemp wraps online is that you get access to products that you may have never thought of trying; such as top-shelf CBD cigars. You can expand your tastes a bit and test our different items—you never know what you’ll discover.

How to Roll Hemp Wraps

Rolling a hemp wrap is pretty much the same as rolling a blunt wrap, but it’s a little more tricky. The hemp wrap material doesn’t have the same adhesive that traditional wraps have, so it doesn’t stick together as tightly. However, there is a way around it. Check out the steps below:

1. Gather all the materials you’ll need to roll it: the hemp wrap, lighter, grinder, and cannabis.

2. Take the hemp wrap and filter out of the package, and unwrap the hemp and divide all the materials.

3. Hold the hemp wrap and fold it longways to make a crease in it.

4. While the wrap is open, place the filter tip in the crease and flush it with the end of the wrap.

5. Hold the filter tip in place and put the ground-up flower inside of the crease.

6. Distribute the cannabis evenly over the wrap while holding the filter in place.

7. Roll the hemp wrap until you roll it all the way around itself and the filter tip.

8. Put a tab bit of saliva on the tip of the hemp wrap and close it with your fingers.

9. You’re all done! Enjoy!

Do You Think You’ll Switch to Hemp Wraps?

Hopefully, the information above helps you better understand what hemp wraps are and whether or not you’ll try them out. The good news is there are alternatives out there that allow you to switch things up and try a variety of options.

It never hurts to try something new, right? Plus, you’ll have an improved smoking experience knowing there isn’t any extra nicotine or tobacco in your wrap!

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