Amazingly Easy Vape Cloud Tricks You Didn’t Know

In 2018, there were around 41 million vapers in the world, and that number’s been rapidly increasing ever since 2011.

Considering vaping is much healthier than smoking and you can still get your nicotine high from it, it’s no surprise why so many people are turning to this alternative.

Maybe you’re a smoker who wants to switch to something that’s healthier for you. If you want to look cool, then it may be worth learning some vape cloud tricks. Knowing these can help you look like you know what you’re doing and have been vaping for years.

Read on to find out some amazing beginner vape tricks you should learn.

Ghost Inhale

First up on our smoke tricks list is the ghost inhale. This is an easy trick to learn and you’ll learn quickly how to do smoke control.

First, take a deep inhale on your vape. Hold all that vapor in your mouth, then open your mouth, form an O with your lips, and gently exhale.

Once you exhale, close your mouth right away while gently inhaling. As a result, the vapor will be sucked back into your mouth.

At this point, you can just exhale out of your mouth again to get rid of all the vapor. Or, if you want to get fancy, you can exhale through your nose (with your mouth closed) to have the vapor come out your nostrils.

The Dragon

If you want to look like a legendary beast, then you’ve got to learn the Dragon. It may look very complicated to do, but it’s actually very easy to do!

First, inhale as deep as you can from your vape. Once you’ve gathered up as much vapor into your mouth, blow it out with force from your nostrils.

To kick it up a notch, you can also open up the corners of your mouth for the vapor to come out of there too. You’ll look like a big, mean, and angry dragon as a result!

The Tornado

For this trick, you’ll need a flat surface, so it’s not a very mobile trick. However, it can be a great party trick.

Take a deep drag of your vape, then bend over to position your mouth as close as possible to the table. Cup your hands into a circle on the table, or you can use a toilet roll if there’s one handy.

Exhale into your hands or the toilet roll slowly so the vape cloud is as dense as possible. When you take your hands or toilet roll away, put your hand at the center of the cloud and quickly raise it, as if you’re doing a reverse karate chop.

If you’ve done this correctly, the vape cloud will turn into a mini-twister.

French Inhale

This one will take a little more practice than the other tricks, but when you can master it, it’ll look really amazing.

Start off like the ghost inhale; take a hit of your vape and keep the smoke in your mouth. Stick your jaw out a little, slowly opening your mouth in the process. This will let out the smoke gradually.

When you see that the smoke’s escaped your mouth, inhale it through your nostrils. And with that, you’ve completed the French inhale!

Bane Inhale

This one’s for the Batman fans!

Take a hit from your vape and hold the vapor in your mouth. Move your jaw so your bottom teeth are touching your upper lip.

Let the vapor escape your mouth through your teeth, and then inhale through your nose. This will create the illusion of Bane’s mask.

You can experiment with the positioning of your jaw and teeth to create different expressions.

O Rings

Once you’ve mastered all the other tricks on this list, then you can graduate onto blowing out O rings. This can be very impressive, and it’s a great trick to have in your bag, no matter where you go. If you partake in hookah, you might already know how to do this with your hookah base.

As per usual, take a hit from your vape; it doesn’t have to be a big one. Keep the vapor in your throat.

Relax your tongue and push it to the back of your throat. Make an O shape with your lips, but don’t pucker them. Instead, keep them around your teeth.

At this point, push the vapor out of your throat by using the muscles at the back of your throat. It’s kind of like coughing, but not quite.

Once you get this down, you can experiment with the sizes of your O rings. Do this by changing how widely you open your mouth.

The Jellyfish

To do this vape trick, blow out an O ring. Gently push it forward with your hand, and quickly take another hit.

Exhale very slowly into the center of that O ring that’s floating about. The vapor will eventually connect with the O ring, which will give the illusion of a jellyfish.


Want to go a step further past O rings? Then make your rings into triangles!

Follow all the steps for O rings, but once you exhale the ring, play around with it by using your hands. Time it just right and tap the ring gently with your hand. The ring will rotate and start shaping itself into a triangle.

Once you get this down pat, you can start blowing out other rings to create more circles and triangles that floating about (or even through!) one another.

Show off With These Easy Vape Cloud Tricks

Now that you know these easy vape cloud tricks, you can show off to your friends the next time you get together and hang out.

Who knows—if you become a master at these, maybe you could even teach them a thing or two! Then you and your crew can look ultra-cool with your vape pens.

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