How Should You Progress Your Nursing Career?

Nursing is one of the most challenging yet rewarding career options out there and if you are already a nurse, you will know just how diverse the various roles and responsibilities can be. This might seem like you have a wealth of choices, but it can, in fact, pose a dilemma for many nurses hoping to advance their careers. If you are in a position where you want to take the next step in your nursing journey but aren’t sure about what could be available to you, take a look at these methods and find one that suits your circumstances and aspirations.

Take on More Leadership Responsibilities

One of the best ways to prove to yourself that you have what it takes to go further in your career is to demonstrate strong leadership qualities. Nurses in all fields of healthcare are required to make important decisions and being able to lead without fear of judgment is incredibly valuable. You can study an online RN to BSN program to gain the necessary leadership experience as well as add to your qualifications and enhance your skills within the industry. Education and development opportunities are extremely valuable for nurses who want to constantly improve their approach to patient care and all other facets of nursing.

Choose a New Path

You may have been in the same location or department for a while now and are looking for a change. Choosing a new path when the one you are on is relatively secure can feel like too much of a risk, but if you want to push forward and reach your career goals, then you will need to make some difficult decisions. Perhaps you could shift to a new department or move to a different location so that you can gain different experiences before stepping up the career ladder.

Move into Research

After years of experience working with patients or in management, you might want to take a step back and try something more research-based. Nursing research often involves not only the processes of identifying better methods of helping patients but also how to improve the healthcare industry as a whole.


Apart from studying, switching paths and conducting research, you can also specialize in an area of nursing and healthcare that interests you and calls to your talents. For example, if you are good with children, then consider pediatric nursing. If you like a challenge and a high-pressure work environment, you could train for surgical nursing. Specialisms can help you narrow your focus and discover what you are truly meant to do.

Even if you have been a nurse for a while now, you may not have been aware of all the ways in which you can possibly advance your career and take the next step. Finding a new path and hunting for a role that your talents and abilities would line up with can take some time, but with patience and determination, you can meet each milestone to achieve your goals.