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Jeff Breault – The Best Car Races on the Planet

Car Races

Jeff Breault and I met around 5 years ago at the Indy500 and after a quick chat over a beer, we discovered that we actually live on the same street. Jeffrey Breault and I share a love for all things automotive and we love nothing more than fast cars. We often talk about and debate all manner of things related to car racing and one debate which has been rumbling on for a long time now is which is the best race on the planet. After much conversation we have finally settled on the top 3, we are as yet to decide on the order of the top 3, but nonetheless here are our favorite car races on the planet.

Le Mans 24 Hours

This is a race which has become synonymous with endurance racing, a 24 hour race across an 8.5 mile circuit with teams of drivers competing against each other. Cars aren’t designed to drive for 24 hours straight which is why there are always thrills and spills with this type of race. The Le Mans race has tested the mettle of some of the world’s greatest racing drivers and some of the world’s finest mechanics. There aren’t too many races where you see a car get smashed up in a crash, patched up and then sent out on the road again, this is what makes Le Mans so special.

Monaco Grand Prix

Formula 1 is the pinnacle of car racing and the most prestigious race in the F1 calendar is without a doubt the Monaco Grand Prix. This is a street track with tight corners and hardly any space at all for drivers to make a mistake. This is the track which tests anyone who claims to be able to drive an F1 car and it is one which only the very best will do well on. The race here actually began 20 years before Formula 1 was created, and this is a tiny nation who absolutely love the decadence of a racing weekend.

Indy 500

For me the best race in the world is the Indy 500 which sees some 33 drivers battle it out around a 2.5 mile circuit for a straight 500 miles. This is a race which combines high speed and endurance as drivers rocket around the track at speeds of over 230 mph. To win the Indy500 is a very special event and something which can only be achieved by the very best in the business. Few races test the drivers and the mechanics like the Indy 500 and the event on the whole is one of the most special in the whole of the Americas, if not the world.

What do you think the order of these 3 should be? Or do you think that there are some races which we have missed out on? Let us know your opinions in the comments section below this post, we’d love to hear from you.