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What Is The Lindsey ERS Tower?

When it comes to electricity, we are used to having access to it whenever we need it. The modern home relies on it for practically everything from lighting to entertainment. While there are many different options that are available at the moment, there is no denying the fact that if electricity runs out, for whatever reason, day-to-day activities are impacted.

Unfortunately, there are many different cases in which power outages are not caused by simple things. They might be caused by something that cannot be controlled. This is where the Lindsey ERS tower, produced by the reputable Lindsey Manufacturing Company, steps in to restore electricity distribution.

Whenever there are natural disasters that are damaging the transmission lines and outages appear, emergency restoration systems are normally needed. This is because they are much faster to install and will help restore power access. The industry norm is the Lindsey tower because of numerous possible reasons.

A new Lindsey tower is erected next to the main power line. Basically, the new system is bypassing damaged sections while keeping all circuits energized. We are referring to a modular tower that is easily moved and that is actually popular round the world. This even includes the Himalayas, Asia and the Middle East.

What is particularly interesting with the Lindsey ERS tower is the fact that erection is incredibly fast. In fact, this is possible even in the highly remote areas where natural disasters struck. For instance, in the event that there is a landside, the damage caused to the power transmission system is quite substantial. If this is the case, new towers have to be raised in areas where it is difficult to do so.

The Lindsey ERS tower is special since it is really lightweight and can be put in place even by hand. The three commonly used installation methods are via helicopters, with the use of a simple lightweight crane and by hand. We are referring to a tower that is incredibly versatile. It allows people to quickly and safely restore electricity to areas that are damaged as proper replacements or repairs are done to the permanent towers. These permanent repairs can easily take weeks but installing the Lindsey ERS towers will only take a few days. Basically, whenever there is a need to restore power quickly, the Lindsey towers are the obvious choice.

We have to understand the fact that we rely on electricity. Whenever transportation is stopped, people get upset. You want to get access to electricity so the power distribution companies do work hard to get power back to clients as soon as possible. The Lindsey ERS tower is what makes everything work, being a technological breakthrough that is industry norm.

The bottom line is that the Lindsey ERS tower is what is utilized whenever an emergency power delivery system is necessary. You can have them erected in just a few days or even hours in some situations. This is what guarantees fast recovery, even when systems are affected by serious problems, like earthquakes or landslides.