Nine University Reviews – How to Make Money From Amazon FBA   

Amazon FBA is a business model which sees the online retailer take on the lion’s share of the logistics for a business, dealing with the shipping and the storage of products. This is a business model which has made an awful lot of people very wealthy and it is also one which many people are interested in. There are courses online which teach people how to make the best of this business and the best of the bunch is Nine University. Looking at the Nine University reviews you can get a real idea for just how many people have taken the lessons learned during their course and have applied them to their own business, with great levels of success. 

So how do you stand out with this kind of business? Let’s take a look. 


When you search for a product on Amazon it is very likely that there will be multiple options, some of which will be very similar indeed, so how do you decide which is right? Most people will go off reviews, photos and descriptions. Now well get to reviews shortly but the key here is what you are able to do with some thumbnail photos and a description. Some will simply snap a shot of the product against a black background, whereas others will show the product in use, some may leave a basic description and others will answer questions which the customer has in mind. In both cases the latter example is going to yield much higher sales than the former. 

Product Quality 

The reviews are based on less metrics than most, and that is because the customer is going to be unlikely to be upset about the speed of delivery, because that is getting handled by the experts at Amazon. The product therefore will be reviewed based on the accuracy of the description and the quality of the piece. It may be tempting to buy cheap products and sell for a big profit but if the product is not good quality then it just isn’t worth your while. Doing this will result in short term sales, and long term disappointment as the negative reviews start piling in.


One thing which the Nine University course really hammers home is the importance of selling products which are trending and which are topical. Now spotting trends is not always easy but this is what separates the power sellers from the also-rans. You have to be switched on at all times to what is happening in the world and what people may need as a result, the faster you can get a trending product on the website the more you will sell and the more money you are going to make. Always keep trends in mind and don’t be scared to switch the products you sell to something more in-the-now. 

This is an easy business to get into, but a hard one to succeed in, work hard and you’ll have the scope to achieve great things.