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Roger Wolfson – Planning For Freedom

Today I was to follow up on something which lifestyle guru Roger Wolfson has been speaking about of late and that is what the world looks like post-pandemic. More to the point this is about what your world looks like post-pandemic and why now is the time when you should be looking to map that out. There are so many reasons why it is essential that you bottle up these emotions that you are feeling and make concrete the plans that you have, if you can do this then you will have a very successful time once all of this is over, and here is why.

Forgetting Emotions

As humans we forget emotions all of the time, and that means that heartfelt plans which we had simply fall through. The perfect example of this would be after the death of someone, especially if they are close to our age. Very often we go on to make promises and have ideas around what we are going to do differently in the wake of that death. Sadly however, as time rolls on we often come up short on those promises and we end up reverting to type. If we can write out the way we feel now, following all of this quarantine, we can remember these feelings and make the most of it when it is all said and done.

Make Sure That You’re Planning For It

Nothing can be wished into existence but we can take steps to ensure that we give ourselves the best possible chance of success. And so no matter what your idea is, you have to have a plan for it, a step by step process as to how you are going to map it out. This is why now is the perfect time for you to focus on what it is that you are going to do post-pandemic because you have ample time now to make the plan. Set your goal, use this time to map it out and then when things get back to normal, execute.

Making The Most Of It

Given the year that we have had we just have to get out there in the world, we have to go and see people, hug people, make new experiences, understand the need to love life and love the world. We have literally lost a year of our lives and we all have a responsibility to ourselves to get that time back, or at least enough experiences which could be squeezed into that time. This is why now is the time for plotting, the time for planning and the time to truly recognize what has been taken from us and what we deserve when things have calmed down.

The smart people right now are those who are hustling and grinding, just waiting to explode on the world when the time comes to reopen without fear and without guilt. Plan now in order to crush the future, who’s with me?