The Hippodrome Casino Is Action Packed

The London Hippodrome has opened 118 years ago and it has been through many identities as owners. Originally, The Hippodrome was built to house circuses and through some feats of engineering, it held aquatic spectaculars as well. The Hippodrome has witnessed the premiere of “Swan Lake” and it is the stage debut of Julie Andrews. The Hippodrome is also remembered for its nightclub years, which began in 1958 and it would go on until a baseball team “Murderer’s Row” was featured in the likes of Judy Garland, Shirley Bassey and Dusty Springfield.

The Hippodrome was brought in 2009 by a team of father-and-son, Jimmy Thomas and Simon Thomas, who began converting it into a casino. The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson has cut the ribbon of the revitalized Hippodrome in July 2012, calling it another great place of London’s ringing endorsement.

London is Competing Like Never Before

With the happening of Brexit, London is competing like it has never done before, in the stage of the world. Therefore it should also provide similar levels of entertainment like in Las Vegas. The most telling impact of Brexit is a widely-publicised devaluation. London has gone from being 3th most fancy city to the 19th.

However, the UK visitor numbers have remained steady and it has been an increase in the foreign tourism sector. Unfortunately, for the casino counterpart, people complained about the lack of slots. Luckily, there are plenty of UK based casinos that are available in the virtual world and contain slots online. Even those outside the UK can enjoy them by acquiring a UK IP address with a VPN.

People from abroad are expecting from the casinos to provide more than 20 slot machines. Worldwide casinos have shown to be potent in modern gaming and entertainment, while London has shown that investing in other entertainment offerings will allow it to properly compete on a world stage.

About The Hippodrome Casino

Around the entire year, business and staffing levels are steady. The key challenge is to manage the busiest periods in such a way so the visitors will gladly come back for another visit. For example, for the Christmas event is an enormous demand for corporate events and private parties, which brings a vast range of visitors.

The Hippodrome is a leisure-entertainment venue so the light and sounds are very important aspects. They are among the most effective tools to manage the energy of the building. It is an enormous place, but there are popular areas that are like a natural destination. For example, the Grand Casino bar is on the ground level, next to the tables and the first-floor Heliot Bar is overlooking the main gaming area.

The Hippodrome has to encourage movement to other areas as well, both socially and gaming. The team thinks that they have mastered the trick of managing moods and vibes at a flick of a switch. What it helps is that they have the possibility to be the West End’s most sophisticated digital core within an historic venue, which consists in state-of-art lighting and sound platforms, together with hundreds of screens that are used for information and entertainment.

There is a 24-hour programmed cycle, all managers have access to a control central where they can change in real time the atmosphere in different areas. This can help to manage large number of people through the building, by moving to other areas where they have never been. By controlling the mood and vibe of a place can also reduce the energy of that area if it’s getting too busy.

It is vital to do this, because sometimes there is a certain range of events that are happening at the Hippodrome. For example, if one area has 600 NFL fans that are cheering their team, it can sometimes get pretty loud.

Leicester Square and West End are one of the world’s most important and best-known destinations. When the Hippodrome’s doors were opened, the CEO wanted to demonstrate his full commitment of the area. He knows that he can’t take over a building like Hippodrome and ignore all the responsibilities that come with it. They work closely with a range of local businesses, marketing companies, landowners and the local council to help to manage the environment. They do their own part in representing London on a national stage and to make the city proud.

In the 90’s Leicester Square wasn’t like today. Today, it has two of the largest casinos in the country, two newly modernised cinemas and the iconic Odeon is currently renovated. Meanwhile, five great hotels are opening next year and the UK headquarters of the NFL can be found in Leicesters Square with the famous M&M stores.

The managers believe that technology plays an important part of our lives and it affects our leisure time also. The British casinos are not like the virtual products, digital wheels or digital cards. They believe that this can limit the gaming experience in some way or another. Even if they do enjoy the technology that helps with progressive development on games like blackjack, three card poker and different ways of advertising the games.

Technology helps the building itself to have a complex digital core, which helps tracking and monitoring certain activities, while the communication gets better and better. The managers love technology, but they think that it has to have a purpose. They are disciplined to use the technology to make the business better and not to waste time on technologies that look fantastic, like 3D, VR, curved screens where it can be difficult to find true commercial benefits.