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The Pilates Reformer with a Twist! Muscle Rail Board is Seeking Backers’ Support on Kickstarter If you need a way to do Pilates at home, look no further than Muscle Rail Board

“Muscle Rail Board,” is a home gym product that works just like a Pilates reformer. Its campaign launched last month by sports equipment manufacturer “DESIGN5014 Co. LTD.” 

Pilates reformers are great pieces of equipment that let you do all kinds of workouts. But a single device can cost you thousands of dollars, all while taking up massive amounts of precious space in our homes or studios.

Muscle Rail Board is similar to a Pilates reformer. It uses latex loop bands to let you perform a wide range of exercises. You can also use the device like a pilates reformer to perform difficult adductor exercises, and even exercises like Kegels, all while you’re at home.

When you want to change the intensity of your workout, simply adjust Muscle Rail Board’s band length by using the latches on the straps and dock. Muscle Rail Board is compatible with a variety of exercise products, so you can use all kinds of resistance bands to switch up your exercises for a wide range of exercise intensity.

Muscle Rail Board’s product design is quite simple. The main design features an ABS plastic board and dual-platforms placed above two pipes. The product also features sturdy and reliable stainless-steel pipes for the guide rails, and the bottom of the product is coated with a nonslip finish to ensure safety while you exercise.

There’s even a set of noiseless wheels that you can use with Muscle Rail Board. The noiseless wheels make Muscle Rail Board great to take with you when you’re on the go, just like an ab roller. Also, the rolling component of the sliding board is detachable, and the sliding board’s noiseless wheels let you use the product on rugs and carpets. Feel free to take Muscle Rail Board with you to work, or to your next travel destination, and rest assured that you won’t be hearing any noise complaints while you’re working out.

The key to Muscle Rail Board’s design is the sliding board’s 4 roller wheels. The rollers are concaved on top of the Muscle Rail Board’s parallel pipes, allowing for a smoother range of motion. Plus, the holes at the ends of the guard rail pipe are adjustable, so you can assemble and disassemble the product with ease. This also adds an element of compactness and lightness to the product for more convenient storage.

Check out Muscle Rail Board’s campaign on Kickstarter, where you can get it at a fraction of the price of a Pilates reformer. The Muscle Rail Board team expects to begin the reward delivery process in August this year.