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The Power of Community: Coping with Stress Through a Support Network

Is stress beating you up and making it difficult for you to lead a happy and productive life?

This shouldn’t come as a surprise seeing as how almost everyone is under a massive amount of stress these days. Studies have shown that the U.S. is one of the most stressed-out nations in the world with more than 80% of people dealing with stress day in and day out.

If you want to fight back against stress and regain control of your life, one easy way to do it is by creating a support network. This network can help you cope with stress better than you are now and improve your life in so many ways.

Learn more about establishing a support network to counteract the stress in your life below.

Who Should Be Included in Your Support Network?

If you’re going to stand a chance in your neverending battle against stress, you’ll need a reliable support network by your side. This network can include any number of people.

Some of the people who should be a part of your network are:

  • Family members
  • Friends
  • Coworkers
  • Neighbors

You can add to your network over time (more on that in a minute!). But at first, your network should consist mostly of people who are close to you.

These people likely know about the things that stress you out and can provide you with support when it comes to dealing with them.

You don’t necessarily need to make any kind of formal announcement with regards to who is in your network. But you should have confidence in the ability of your network to assist you during your times of need.

What Should Your Network Be Able to Do for You?

Once you have a strong support network set up to help you manage the stress that you have in your life, you’ll want to start turning to them during your times of need. When you feel like you’re ready to explode thanks to all the stress you’re dealing with, your network should be ready to spring into action at a moment’s notice.

They can assist you in so many ways. They can:

  • Talk to you for a few minutes on the phone about everything that’s going on in your life
  • Take you out for a cup of coffee when you need to blow off some steam
  • Visit your home and spend some time chatting with you about your life
  • Send you a text message in the middle of a long workday to see how your day is

Your support network should have different ways of supporting you. They’ll help make your stress problems a thing of the past, even when they don’t realize they’re doing it.

How Will Your Network Benefit Your Life?

When you have a support network that you can rely on for working your way through stressful situations, it’ll benefit you in so many ways. You won’t struggle to deal with stress as often as you do now.

For starters, your network will help you avoid having to internalize your battles with stress. By simply talking about the stress that you’re feeling, you’ll notice that some of it will go away.

Your network will also be able to talk you through stressful moments in your life and make better sense of them. They’ll offer a fresh perspective on problems at home and work and help you see solutions to them that you might not have noticed on your own.

You might be surprised by how much stress you’re able to get rid of by having a network of people that supports you. You’ll feel like you’re in control of your life again because of those around you.

What Are the Best Ways to Cultivate Your Network?

As time goes on, it’s important for you to take your support network to the next level by adding new people to it. It can take time for you to trust others enough to let them into your inner circle, but it’s possible to do it.

You can develop supportive relationships by doing things like:

  • Volunteering in your community
  • Signing up for a new gym
  • Participating in a class at a community college
  • Joining a new church

From the second you set foot in a church like Parkway Fellowship Church, you’ll feel nothing but support all around you. It’ll work wonders for your stress levels and build upon your network even further.

Should You Be a Part of Other People’s Networks?

While it’s important for you to develop and cultivate your own support network, it’s just as important to be a part of other people’s networks.

You don’t need to offer to play a part in people’s networks or anything. But you can do it by being there for them when they need you most.

If someone in your life seems like they’re having a tough time, call them up and ask them how they’re doing. Or see if they would like to grab a bite to eat with you one day so that you can discuss what’s happening in their life.

By offering to help others with stress, you might find that your own stress levels go down. You’ll feel good about how you’re helping others by serving as a vital part of their network.

Stop Stressing Out With Help From Your Support Network

If you don’t do something to combat stress, it will knock you down and make it difficult to get back up. Stress can cause all sorts of physical and mental health issues.

Instead of allowing stress to get the best of you, create a support network for yourself that will make stress a distant memory. You’ll be able to get a better handle on your stress when you have people that you know are in your corner.

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