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The Top 6 Best Things About Miami Living

Around 1,000 people move to Florida every day. Some of those will be relocating to the state capital of Tallahassee or seeking thrills in Orlando. But many of those will be heading to the beach city of Miami instead.

If you’ve never visited Miami before and have only heard about the city from others, you might be wondering what Miami living can offer. Yes, it’s popular with young tourists who want to blow off steam on a weekend break. But it’s also a vibrant and community-driven city with tons of benefits to offer residents.

Not sure exactly what those benefits are? Here’s a list of all the top things to do in Miami and why it’s such an amazing place to live!

1. Strong Latin Influences

Around 70% of the population in Miami is Hispanic. Florida’s proximity to Cuba and other Caribbean countries means that there are strong Latin influences here. You’ll be able to brush up on your Spanish, learn Latin dances, and experience all the vibrancy of Latino Miami culture.

2. Epic Miami Nightlife

Miami’s warm climate means that club-goers can wear the skimpiest clothing and dance all night on the beach if they want. Miami’s clubs are some of the best in the world. You will always be able to find something to do on the weekend in this city.

3. Businesses Stay Open Late

New York might be the city that never sleeps. But when you begin your Miami living journey, you’ll notice that the same is true of Miami. Thanks to the nightlife culture, many grocery stores, and coffee shops are open 24/7.

4. Tons of Beautiful Miami Beaches

There are over a dozen beaches within Miami’s city limits and plenty more if you venture further out. South Beach is the famous Miami beach with its colorful lifeguard huts. But other beaches like Full Moon Beach are also breathtaking.

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5. Casual (but Delicious) Miami Cuisine

Miami’s Latin culture doesn’t only influence its club scene, it also influences the food too. Cuban sandwiches, chicharrón, and arepas are all must-taste Miami staples.

Plus, with Miami being by the sea, the seafood here is excellent. Dig into stone crabs, ceviche, and grilled fish sandwiches.

6. Miami’s Art and Design Heritage

This might be surprising to people that have never visited Miami before, but it has a huge art and design culture. The Pérez Art Museum, Institute of Contemporary Art, and Museum of Graffiti are all worth visiting.

And checking out the local street art is a must on any Miami sightseeing tour. Miami has some of the most outstanding murals that brighten up its city streets. You’ll enjoy your commute if you get to see such beauty every day!

Are You Sold on the Perks of Miami Living?

If you’re an adventurous and creative beach-lover who loves partying, then Miami living is perfect for you. The only thing you’ll regret about living in Miami is that you didn’t move sooner.

So, you know you’re moving to Miami! But you also need to sort out your finances and learn about DIY if you’re going to be a homeowner. Browse our home and money articles for lots of ideas and advice.