What Are the Different Types of Horses That Exist Today?


If you are in the market for a new horse, you may be wondering which breed to choose from. Although there are over 200 breeds of horses, some are more popular than others.

Deciding on the horse breed depends on what you want your horse to do. Some horse breeds are great for horseback riding, while others are better when put to work.

We go over the most common types of horses that you’ll see bred today.

Arabian Horses

Arabian horses are some of the earliest breeds of horses domesticated by humans. They originated from the Middle East and eventually because popular around the world.

These horses are loved for their hard work, endurance, and beauty. They have great temperaments and are loyal to their owners.

Thoroughbred Horses

If you are looking for a fast racehorse, look no further than the thoroughbred. These horses are fast and competent. Thoroughbreds are also great to use to develop your horsemanship skills further.

This type of horse is intelligent, spirited, and athletic. They excel in sports like fox hunting and polo. Thoroughbred horses aren’t small, but they are very agile for their size.

Appaloosa Horses

You won’t be able to miss these spotted horses! Known for their good looks, they are also gentle and friendly.

The Nez Perce used these horses in battle and for hunting. Today, these horses do well in trail rides, rodeos, and work purposes.

Draft Horses

These are the best horse breeds for pulling carts and doing other heavy work. Years ago, they had the task of moving soldiers wearing heavy armor.

Draft horses are still used on farms today to help with farm work. The thick coats that draft horses have keep them warm in cooler months. Their impressive size means they don’t get spooked often.

American Quarter Horse

These are the best horse breeds for both beginners and experts alike. They are athletic horses and do great in horse shows. You will find many of these horses in America, where they are the most popular breed.

American Paint Horse

This American horse has patterning on its coat that is easy to distinguish. You’ll see three different patterns on these horses; tobiano, tovero, and overo.

If you are a beginner rider, these are gentle horses to start learning to ride on. They do well both in a sporting and working setting.

Transporting your horse

Once you have decided on a horse, you’ll need to get it to you. Horse transportation is tricky because of how large horses are. You can bring your horse to you using boats, planes, trains, or trailers.

Flying your horse to you can be nerve-wracking. Rest easier by purchasing a stall explicitly made for horse air transport. You’ll know your horse is riding at the highest level of safety and comfort.

Knowing About the Types of Horses Will Help You Find One You Love

When it comes to popular pets, horses remain at the top of the list. If you are looking to add a horse to your family, knowing about the types of horses can help you narrow down your choice. Do your research before you decide which horse is right for you.

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