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What Can I Expect After Healing From Cosmetic Surgery?

The idea of having a neck lift and facelift was on your mind a long time before finally consulting with a surgeon. Since it turns out that you’re an excellent candidate, making the decision to schedule the procedure was an easy one. Along with proper preparation and making sure you have everything in place for your recuperative period, what else should you think about? Consider how things will be once you have healed. Here’s a taste of what to expect.

Liking What You See in the Mirror

For years, you got up every morning and didn’t totally like the reflection in the mirror. One of the changes that you’ll experience once the healing is complete is feeling a lot better about what you see. Instead of focusing on something that has bothered you for a long, you see a reflection that is a lot more in line with what you’ve always wanted to see. Think of how that one change will help the day to be off to a better start.

Feeling the Need for a New Hairstyle

The way you feel about the change in your facial features could inspire you to try some other new things. Your hairstyle is a good example. While it seemed to be fine with your old look, it’s not quite what you would like with that new face.

Now that you’ve healed, it’s time to talk with a stylist and compare some alternative hairstyles. A professional can recommend a few options that are more flattering and further give you a fresher look. Try one and see what you think. If it’s still not quite right, try a different one. Along with being a lot of fun, exploring new hairstyles could help you appreciate the cosmetic work all the more.

Some New Clothing May be in Order Too

Your hair is not the only thing that you may want to change. Thanks to the way you feel about your face these days, it may be time to invest in some different outfits. Perhaps you want to try something that’s fresher and more up to date. Perhaps you are in the mood to invest in a new outfits that includes color schemes that you never wore in the past. Have some fun with trying on different types of clothing and see how they seem to go with the results of your cosmetic surgery. You may come across something that helps you feel better about your appearance than you have in years.

Looking Forward to Being Around People More Often

Cosmetic surgery primarily has to do with feeling better about yourself. That may manifest in more ways than one. For example, you may have tended to hold back in terms of spending time with people in social situations. With the healing done and you feeling so much better about the way you look, don’t be surprised if you want to be around people more often.

Cosmetic surgery isn’t likely to turn an introvert into an extrovert, but you could find that it’s nice to be around people. Even if you still do more listening than talking, the fact that you feel great about your appearance makes it easier to look forward to parties, dinners out, and other social activities. That’s because there’s no longer that thought in the back of your mind that people are repelled by whatever the surgery corrected.

Are you wondering if cosmetic surgery is for you? Contact Kristina Zakhary, MD, Calgary plastic surgeon and arrange for an examination and consultation. Assuming you are a candidate and the surgery will help minimize or eliminate something that bothers you, it’s worth considering.