4 Ways That a DUI Conviction Could Impact Your Life for Years

Facing a conviction for driving under the influence is not something that you ever expected to happen. Now that you’ve been arrested, it’s time to find a DUI lawyer Toronto and make plans for your defense. There’s a lot riding on the outcome of this situation. If you are convicted, it isn’t just the immediate prospect of paying a fine, attending court-approved classes, and possibly spending a little time behind bars; that conviction could impact your life for a long time. Here are some examples to consider.

Your Future Career Prospects

Your employer may be the understanding type and assure you that your current job is safe. That’s great, but what does it mean to the potential for advancement? Depending on the line of work involved, the job you have now may be as far as you can go. Promotions to positions that require more authority and more access to proprietary data may be out of the question.

What would happen if your position is eventually eliminated and it’s necessary to find another job? Employers may look at your record and hesitate to hire you, especially if there’s another candidate who is equally qualified and doesn’t have a DUI conviction on his or her record.

Your Auto Insurance Coverage

A conviction is highly likely to impact what you will pay for auto insurance. That’s because the conviction serves as proof that the provider is taking on a greater amount of risk in order to extend the coverage. Providers will seek to offset that risk by charging higher premiums. At the very least, you can expect to pay more for your coverage.

In some cases, the provider will not cover you at any price. That leaves you to seek auto insurance from a high-risk provider. Along with higher premiums, there’s also the possibility of having limited access to some forms of protections. While this situation may eventually change, you’ll have to live with it for a number of years.

Your Driving Privileges

Depending on what else is already on your record, a conviction could mean the end of your driving privileges for a long time. There will be no choice but to park your vehicle and find other ways to get around. It’s true that you may have access to public transport, taxi services, and ride share options, but none of those compare to being able to jump into your car any time you like and go at will. The loss of those driving privileges will mean having to plan just about every outing in advance, something that will take some adjustment on your part.

Your Social Life

What will happen to your social life if you can no longer get behind the wheel? It won’t end completely, but do expect things to change quite a bit. There will be no more meeting friends and family for dinner on the spur of the moment. If you’re single, forget about being able to pick you your date and driving to the restaurant or other venue without relying on a third party. You can bet that meeting new people and having to explain why you’re not driving will not be something that you relish. Expect some social opportunities to remain off limits until you can once again get behind the wheel.

Keep in mind that an arrest does not automatically mean that you will be convicted or that the court will render the most stringent of sentences if you are convicted. Secure the services of a DUI lawyer and cooperate with your legal counsel to the best of your ability. Doing so increases the odds for experiencing the best possible outcome and the least amount of consequences.