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What Does CBD Feel Like? The Ultimate Guide

If you’ve been thinking of trying CBD, you may wonder how it feels to use it. Well, you’ve come to the right place to find out – or at least read about it. 

Companies make CBD products in nearly every shape and form, from lattes to face creams. Cannabidiol (CBD) is a chemical compound that comes from marijuana plants. 

It’s a naturally occurring substance that manufacturers now use in everything from edibles to oils. When consumed, it helps to promote feelings of relaxation. 

Unlike his close cousin THC, however, it’s not a psychoactive drug, so you can’t use it to get a Rocky Mountain High. This point may leave you wondering, “What does CBD feel like?” 

To find out more about CBD and how it feels, read on. 

What’s the Big Fuss About CBD?

Before answering the question “How does CBD make you feel?”, it’s important to talk about the health benefits of CBD. For instance, after using various CBD products, people have reported improvements for issues, such as: 

  • Acne
  • Anxiety
  • Heart conditions
  • Inflammation
  • Sexual problems
  • Skin dryness
  • Other conditions 

Now, CBD products are becoming increasingly popular as manufacturers find any number of creative ways to put the chemical in foods and beverages. However, the most popular way to take the compound is as an oil tincture or capsule. Many people also choose to vape CBD or apply it as a lip balm or skin cream. 

CBD products are well on their way to becoming a mainstream product. You can find it in many health food and drug stores. 

More people are trying CBD products to manage drug withdrawal and seek help with cancer treatment. As a result, the market is expanding rapidly. 

People are also using CBD to help with severe conditions such as epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease and mental health problems. On the supply side, manufacturers conduct ongoing research and development with CBD, further expanding the growth of the market. 

Precisely What Is CBD?

Manufacturers make CBD products with either a CBD extract or CBD isolate. As its name implies, CBD isolate is pure, isolated CBD. It’s a crystalline substance that comes in the form of a slab or a white powder. 

CBD isolate has a potency of 99%. It’s strong stuff. However, people can use it without worrying about failing a drug test as they would if they used a product with THC – like the chemical found in good, old-fashioned Mary Jane. 

On the other hand, CBD extract is an oily compound. It can vary in color and form, from the color and appearance of honey to a dark, black paste. 

CBD extract also has various chemicals. These chemicals may include cannabinoids, fatty acids, and terpenoids. Manufacturers design CBD extracts to make the most of their purported medicinal benefits. 

Legislators are slowly decriminalizing hemp, which is the source for CBD. However, they’re doing it at a slow pace. 

The cautious stance of U.S. legislators directly affects the CBD market. It’s impeding growth for the product. Despite this fact, CBD is still gaining popularity as people look for alternatives to traditional medicines for common illnesses. 

How Do I Take CBD?

CBD comes in many shapes and forms. For example, it’s a popular ingredient in many beauty products. CBD beauty products might include: 

  • Conditioners
  • Grooming oils
  • Lip balms
  • Lotions
  • Serums
  • Shampoos
  • Skin cleansers
  • Skin toners
  • Soaps 

Compared to traditional products, CBD goods offer additional benefits. By using CBD products, you may experience improved sleep and reduced stress. 

CBD may also have anti-aging benefits and boost skin repair. Also, people have reported that using CBD products has resulted in improvements to their circulatory system and reductions in inflammation. 

CBD products also come in the form of capsules. Some people prefer CBD capsules because they allow them to ingest the product without the need to endure the taste of marijuana. 

As a liquid softgel, for example, CBD capsules allow for accurate dosing. This form of the chemical enables people to consume CBD with a long-lasting effect.

People use CBD softgels to enjoy benefits such as relief from chronic pain and clearer skin. Other people use CBD softgels to treat addiction or to ease symptoms of anxiety and depression. They also use CBD softgels as a nonaddictive way to manage blood pressure. 

CBD also comes in other forms such as concentrates, infused drinks, oils, vapes, patches and other forms. 

Now for the Big Question: What Does CBD Feel Like?

Some people report feelings of relaxation and an improved mood when using CBD products. Your CBD feeling will depend on various factors. 

Regarding the question, “How does CBD oil make you feel?”, it helps to understand that CBD hemp oil has little to no THC. Because it lacks THC, the CBD oil feeling isn’t intoxicating. 

When considering the question, “What does CBD oil feel like?”, it helps to understand that CBD comes in various forms. For instance, manufacturers produce broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD oil, as well as CBD, isolate. If you were to consume each of these three compounds separately, you might have a different experience each time. 

It helps to understand your body’s endocannabinoid system to gain an understanding of how it feels to consume CBD products. Your endocannabinoid system includes receptors that bind to CBD and break it down. 

THC activates CB1 receptors. CBD, however, inhibits CB1 receptors. 

It also binds to other areas of your body. For instance, it affects around 12 parts of the brain. Also, it can produce therapeutic effects by activating multiple pathways simultaneously. 

The way that CBD interacts with your body can cause a feeling of relaxation and improved mood. This interaction is how the chemical provides therapeutic benefits. 

Will It Make Me Feel Good?

Well, that depends. Many people who have used CBD products report feelings of relaxation and calmness. However, what happens when you consume CBD will vary depending on several factors. 

For instance, your experience can vary based on your body chemistry and the CBD product that you consume. Some products are more beneficial than others. 

As an example, some people have reported that CBD-infused topicals provide pain relief in specific areas. Others have said that CBD products help them to sleep. 

There are CBD products that contain varying levels of THC. With these products, people have reported feelings of mild intoxication. 

CBD comes from either a hemp or marijuana plant. Despite the source, the molecular structure of CBD extracted from these sources is the same. However, the difference in chemical makeup between hemp and marijuana result in different effects. 

For now, the law considers CBD that’s derived from hemp with less than 3% THC as a legal substance. At this level, CBD doesn’t have the intoxicating effect as the THC that comes from marijuana plants. 

DIY CBD: You Can Do It!

If you have a green thumb, you might want to try growing CBD before you buy it from the store. 

Be warned, however, growing CBD is not for the faint of heart. It’s a lot of work. 

There is no one formula for growing hemp CBD plants. Everyone has a different method. 

You need to make sure your plant has plenty of moisture to allow the roots to set. However, you have to wait for the dirt to get completely dry before adding more water. 

Also, CBD loves UV light. If you’re growing your plants indoors, you’ll have to find a way to provide it.

You also have to provide top-notch soil for your CBD plants. CBD plants don’t like cheap dirt. 

Once your plant starts to grow, you’ll want to avoid using herbicides, insecticides or fungicides. CBD plants don’t like these kinds of harsh chemicals. 

CBD plants grow pretty fast in the first three months. Once the plants mature, you need to find the male CBD plants. 

You want to get rid of these guys. They’re no good for growers. 

Alternatively, you can buy feminized CBD hemp seeds to make sure that the male plants don’t sprout in your homegrown crop. Male plants can wreak havoc on CBD growth. Sovereign Fields offers feminized CBD hemp seeds that can help you avoid this problem. 

If you should decide to grow CBD plants, good luck with your crop. Whatever you choose to do, enjoy your CBD journey! 

Feel Better: Learn About Your Body 

Now, you have an answer to the question, “What Does CBD Feel Like?” The only way to know for sure, however, is to give it a try. 

The body and the mind are complicated machines. With so much information out there, it gets hard to keep track of it all. 

Fortunately, there’s a solution. Bookmark our site and visit frequently. Every day, you’re bound to learn something new.