What Makes Bratislava a Perfect Budget Weekend Getaway?


Bratislava is one of Europe’s most charming and genuine capitals. The city has been an important part of several eras, and it is completely crowded with historic buildings, many of which were built during the Middle Ages. Bratislava is a dream for all history and culture lovers, but also for the budget traveler and the connoisseur thanks to a rich history, low prices and much good local beers, wine, and spirits.

Bratislava is quite small to the surface and it is easy to get around between different attractions. If you get tired of sightseeing, just pick a nice café or enjoy a pastry or a cold beer. Thanks to the city’s young population, there is always a feeling that there is “something going on” in Bratislava at every moment.

If you want to luxuriate in the little extra and spoil yourself, Bratislava is an excellent alternative. Here you get a lot of value for money and it is possible to find a luxury hotel with five stars for under the thousandfold.

Main Attractions and Historical Landmarks

Old Town

The Old Town of Bratislava is undoubtedly one of Europe’s most charming old neighborhoods. Birthplace of legendary Bratislava Stag do parties and many other events that happen nearly every day. The Old Town is a lovely medieval center with many cozy little alleys and streets. Here you will find a large selection of small shops, cafés, and restaurants.

The old town has a good mix of locals and tourists, which gives a good and genuine atmosphere. A visit to Bratislava is not perfect until you have strolled around in this historic area.

In the old town is also the main square where several beautiful and old buildings are located. In the middle of the square stands the well-known Roland fountain that has several stories attached to it. Some parts of the area date back as far back as the 15th century.

Bratislava Castle

The castle in Bratislava is one of the city’s most famous and spectacular sights. The castle is located on a rocky hill 85 meters above the Danube. There are many legends about this ancient castle and here you get the chance to meet Bratislava’s history and culture up close.

The blue church

The blue church is tucked away on a small street south of the large Tesco department store. The church has a fantastic architecture both inside and outside in Art Nouveau style with colors, ornaments, and decorations not found in any other places in Slovakia.

St. Francis Church

The city’s oldest church was opened in the 14th century. Inside the church, there are impressive St. John’s chapel from 1380, which by connoisseur is referred to as the gothic pearl. This beautiful and historic church is definitely worth a visit.

If you have the opportunity you should visit the church on a Saturday night when it is fair and the church is crowded, the atmosphere is then completely magical and you do not have to be believers to be touched by the lovely atmosphere.

St Martin’s Cathedral

St. Martin’s Cathedral is the largest and most important church in Bratislava. The church has been in its present place for more than 700 years and thus has a rich history behind it.

Grassalkovich Palace

The palace is located in central Bratislava and is one of the city’s most famous buildings. Since 1996, this is also the home of Slovakia’s president. The Grassalkovich Palace is built in the Rococo / late Baroque style and has a large and beautiful French garden.

St Michael’s Tower

This is the only one that remains in Bratislava. From here you can enjoy a beautiful view of the city, especially towards the castle. St Michael’s Tower was originally built around 1300 and is one of the oldest buildings in Bratislava.

Right next door is a street full of busy and exclusive shops such as Ralph Lauren, Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany, and several other branded stores.

Shopping Opportunities

In Bratislava, there are four large shopping centers and several smaller malls. The malls are similar to most other shopping malls that are found throughout Europe. The stores are many and the variety is great. Public transport goes to all shopping centers and it is easy to get there. The four major shopping centers are:

Polus City Center



Soravia Palace

The locals themselves often shop near where they live. Therefore, it is common with small shops in different parts of the city. There are also many antique shops in the city, which makes it possible to find interesting finds. A good tip is to spend some time and walk around various antique shops.

In Conclusion:

If you are looking for a cheap weekend getaway where you will learn a lot and find yourself with amazing shopping opportunities to grab some of that famous brands for very low prices, then we can’t think of better place then Bratislava.

The city is alive on any day of the week and getting around Slovakian capital is easy even on foot. Our recommendation is to book at least two days when exploring this magnificent city and the great chances are that you will want to get back as soon as you head for the airport.