It seems there is no stopping the Brits from going abroad

The world became more accessible to almost anyone with the aid of the internet and low-costing flights available online.
Sadly, for some, it’s not always rainbows and butterflies. Over the years, reports of terrorism and natural disasters striking vacation spots have unceasingly grown.

Although named as one of the top 10 holiday destinations, Mexico suffered from a great loss in infrastructure and a total of 360 lives due to earthquakes that occurred consecutively just weeks apart.

Finding holiday destinations imposes a challenge if you are to look for ones where wildfires, flash floods, storms, or any natural disaster is unlikely to happen especially when there is that irrevocable climate change.

Take Europe for example. Although it is deemed as a safe zone from natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and volcano eruptions, the continent is no stranger to atrocious weather either. A resort in Greece was engulfed with wildfires during the summer which resulted in the loss of 70 people. A British couple’s Majorca holiday turned into a disaster when a flash flood happened in Sant Lorenc ultimately costing them their lives.

The ABTA reported that despite of all these disastrous holidays, the British people just can’t seem to get enough of foreign vacations. Actually, the percentage of people that took a foreign vacation increased to 60% this year, by far the highest it has gone since 2011.

Trip Advisor conducted a survey that showed a large majority, specifically 63% of the people, would opt not to go to places where there have been threats and attacks of terrorism. However, this does not prove to be true since the statistics of British people taking vacations abroad proves otherwise.

To signify the point, take Tunisia for instance, 3 years ago, there was a terrorist attack at the Riu Imperial where 38 lives were lost, including 30 British tourists. But along with Turkey and Egypt, the bookings for these countries were significantly high according to ABTA’s 2018 Holiday Trend Report.
Also, it is in the very countries that consider tourism as their primary source of livelihood, that the houses are not secure and are most often shabby.

In Indonesia, only after the horrific tsunami hit on September was it found out that the 22 deep-water buoys have not been functional for years. The failure of the government to provide ample funding to their natural disaster agency have been left to blame.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has then stated that, “The capacity of the Indonesian emergency and rescue services to deal with large natural disasters is limited.”
According to the FCO, even after the tsunami, the terrorist attacks, and numerous threats of natural disasters, there were about 360,000 British nationals that came to Indonesia last year, doubling the number since 2010.

Since it seems as though there is no stopping the Brits from spending their holidays abroad, the sectors that are related to the travel industry such as insurances have devised ways into coping with such circumstances. Some offer a number of options in terms of the coverage of their travel insurances that enhances the scope of security of the traveler, especially when a crisis arises.
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This means that there is a dedicated phone number that gives travelers access to immediate assistance from a team of experts that are unrivalled in skills when it comes to disaster rescuing no matter where they are.

The service provider is S-RM that employs a team of crisis response consultants, which include former military, intelligence agency personnel, or any former law enforcement personnel that are strategically positioned all over the globe, always ready to provide their assistance if a crisis arises.

We live in an era where violence and disaster is but common news. With the global threats and natural disasters seemingly hanging around every corner, the tourism industry remains steadfast. Considering that there places whose economy solely rely on its tourism, huge efforts are constantly put in. And since humans are known to be insatiable, the desire to travel will forever be there and the risks would always be worth it.

Since it is not possible to eliminate all the risks, the best we can do is at least minimize them. Inquire at to find ways in making this possible since the best bonus you can probably add to your vacation would be peace of mind.
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