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Why Introducing Technology into your Home will Save you Money

A home can be a costly investment, especially if it’s not energy-efficient. With global gas and oil prices skyrocketing, and environmental concerns abounding, the amount that we spend on warming and powering our homes is a particular concern.

But as well as the amount of money that we spend on our homes, we should also consider the hours of our lives that we spend cleaning and maintaining it. In either case, the addition of a little bit of modern technology can help to make life that little bit more pleasant and convenient.

Let’s assess a few of the more popular gadgets, and see what impact they make.

Smart Thermostat

A smart thermostat will allow you to control the temperature of your home remotely. More than that, it’ll make predictive attempts to keep the temperature within a certain range, by constantly collecting data about the way that you use energy, and making adjustments to ensure that it’s kept stable. If you want to use modulating boiler controls, which are even more efficient as they adjust the boiler’s output incrementally, then make sure that your thermostat is matched with the boiler itself. The right set of radiators will also help to improve the overall efficiency of your heating system.

Boiled Water Tap

If you find that you’re getting up regularly throughout the day to make tea or coffee, then a boiled water tap might be invaluable. They’re also great for quickly filling up huge pots of water for cooking big batches of pasta and rice.

Robotic Vacuums and Lawnmowers

Getting the vacuuming done can be a bit of a chore. But if you have robotic assistance, then it’s easier than you might suppose. The same applies to robot lawnmowers, which can make quick work of your lawn.

LED bulbs

Colour-changing LED bulbs are considerably more expensive than their equivalents, but that extra cost is often justified by the different shades that you can create, and the amount you’ll save by just having them turn off automatically. Plus, you can also impress your friends with funky light shows.

Smart scales

A smart set of bathroom scales will log your every weigh-in session. The best also come with body-fat analysers, so you can check your composition. Link it in with your preferred exercise-tracker and you’ll also get calorie-burn estimates.

Smart doorbells

With remotely-accessible cameras, a smart doorbell will allow you to check who’s at the door without getting up – even if you’re on the other side of the planet.


Nowadays, installing a system of cameras needn’t be a major hassle. Wires aren’t necessary, and footage can be stored remotely on a cloud-based system.