The World of Landscape Architecture According to Nigel Allen

Landscape Architecture is a broad term that refers to how outdoor spaces are designed using compositional elements of structures, water, landform, vegetation, and so on. Considering this country, it is one that has a lot of different geographical resources, which will provide landscape architects such as Nigel Allen with opportunities to create unique and functional designs. The work of people like my Nigel Allen must also consider the threat posed to natural habitats, incorporating the facts that populations are moving and becoming more urbanised with the Need for nature to sustain itself as well. This means new areas have to incorporate things such as playgrounds and parks, which support not just nature but also recreation, health, and education.

Nigel Allen Looks at the History of Landscape Architecture

Frederick Law Olmstead Sr. is believed to be the first professional landscape architect in this country. He was responsible for Central Park in NYC, constructed in 1857. Due to the Civil War, the product had been halted, but it continued afterwards. Quickly, cities such as Chicago, Il, San Francisco, Ca, Brooklyn, NY, and others started to follow suit. Before long, landscape gardeners became landscape architects responsible for various important pieces of work.

Not long thereafter, schools started to offer course in landscape architecture. Today, the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) exists. Additionally, the profession is represented by the International Labor Organization. It is a real profession, clearly, and one of great importance in the world.

Landscape architects are backed by various professional organizations. They work together with many other professionals, including those involved with rapid urbanization, forestry, industrial estates, housing development projects, river reclamation, reservoirs, and roads. They are multi-talented individuals who understand not just the way nature and design works, but who are also highly creative and they can see potential and have future visions.

Today’s landscape architects are vital members of the community. People have increasing demands, meaning they want to live in places that are beautiful and in which they can enjoy nature, while at the same time having the functionality of modern living. The challenge of the modern landscape architect, therefore, is to provide people with all the mod-cons they want while at the same time being respectful of the natural environment and ensuring that outdoor spaces are sustainable.

It is perhaps no surprise that landscape architects are now highly educated individuals. They have an in depth understanding of architectural processes, natural solutions and processes, how geography works and what the impact of natural geographical structures is on construction, and more. It is possible to study landscape architecture at bachelor’s degree level and there are now even master’s degree courses in it. These courses look at both the scientific and technical elements involved in landscape architecture and at the artistic elements involved with making things look beautiful.

Whenever you walk around a city or neighborhood and spot a green, open space, consider that the space is not random, but rather the work of a talented landscape architect.