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Your Common Pest Control Questions Answered

When you think you need pest control for your home, you must know what a pest control company can do for you. Plus, you need to understand how expansive your pest problem can be. There are a few tips below that explain what pest control does because you may be new to pest problems in your home. Additionally, you need to be open-minded about how pest control is done because you might encounter new issues when you move to a new place.

What Is The Basic Procedure?

You can check out the ultimate guide to pest control by Turner Pest if you want to learn about the basic procedure for more pest control appointments. Your pest control technician should inspect the house for any pest issues. The pest control technician will explain any problems that they have found, and they will recommend treatment.

How Do You Manage Ants And Cockroaches?

You can ask your pest control expert to spray the house for ants and cockroaches. You could ask for bait traps if you think that the cockroaches or ants are hiding in the house. Your technician can show you where all the baits will go, and they will come back to check these traps.

Are You Having Issues With Termites?

Your technician will check the house for any columns that are created by termites as the burrow. The technician can spray for termites, and they can create bait traps in the house. Plus, you can ask for bait traps that will sit in the yard. The termites will go to these traps, and they will take the poison back to the colony.

Your pest control expert will let you know how often they need to check these termite stations, and they will show you how much it costs to recharge these stations during the year.

Do You Have Problems With Mice?

You need to get special mouse traps that are baited properly for the house when you have mice. Your pest control expert will show you where the mice got in the house, and they will come back often to check the traps that they have set. These traps need to be checked regularly, and you should let your technician know if you find any more mice in the traps. You might want to change the traps yourself, or you could have the pest control expert visit the house every day until the mice are gone.

You need bigger traps if you have rats in the house, and your pest control expert will show you how these traps work. The traps need to be placed where the mice or rats are living, and the technician will try to wipe out the colony as quickly as possible.

Are There Are Woodland Animals In The Attic?

You might have squirrels in your attic, and you need to use a different trapping method to catch squirrels. Squirrels cannot be caught by rat traps because a squirrel is so much larger than a rat. You need to cages around the outside of the house to catch squirrels, and you should ask your local pest control in Lafayette, LA how to close up the places where the pest came in. Completing repairs around the house is much easier when your technician shows you what needs to be fixed.


You can use pest control services when you realize you have pests in the house or think you might be susceptible to pest infestations. Using the tips above, you can create a pest control system for the house. Your technician can handle all these problems no matter how expansive they are.