Artificial Intelligence: A Revolution in Online Gaming

Playing a game & being indulged in it are very different, as a gamer must know. The online gaming industry has seen vast technological developments, especially over the last decade. We have moved from basic 8-bit games to VR concept gaming. Even our board & card games now have an alternate in form of online poker, chess & others. 

Intelligent gaming is a concept where a player competes against an AI (Artificial Intelligence) bot who intends to replicate the game like a human is playing the game with you & gives that much needed interactive touch to online gaming. We will discuss Artificial Intelligence & its role in transforming the Online gaming industry.

What is AI?

Artificial Intelligence or AI is the ability of computers to make smart decisions based on the concept it learns from our behaviour patterns. The computers keep on evolving & learning by itself like a human would do & thus makes decisions in any given situation. AI has been a huge part of the gaming industry helping players play interactive games in versus mode even without a live opponent. Let us have a look at some of how AI has transformed the gaming industry.

Better Interaction

For Artificial Intelligence to be successful, there needs to be a certain communication established between it & the human. In a game that is powered by AI, a relationship between the player & the game must be formed. AI helps strengthen this bond & allows the player to interact better with the game. 

Improved decision making

The decision-making skills of both, the player & the AI enhance with more in-game time a player spends. This development is complementary to the decision-making of the AI. Artificial Intelligence in gaming has made an impact by increasing or decreasing the game difficulty as suited to the player’s skill. This also helps players in decision-making at crucial moments.

Ability to Predict

There are three important components of AI, namely Artificial Neural Networks (ANN), Support Vector Machines (SVM) and Decision Tree Learning. These are used to predict the moves of the player in a game. So predicting the gameplay of the user by tracking their past pattern & gameplay style is also how AI has impacted the gaming industry for the good.

Behavioural Study

Online games serve a greater purpose than just being an entertainment source. Artificial intelligence studies the behaviour of the player. A simple game of poker online can use these in catching the user’s poker strategy which also helps gaming companies make advancements in the gaming world.

Games are far more than just a source of entertainment. It serves as a great testbed  for AI which is used to analyze the players’ behaviour and deploy it while developing an intelligent game.

Realistic Gaming

A very well-known thing about AI is that it gives the developers creative freedom to be able to design more realistic games for the players. Interacting with their characters & gaming avatars in a better way & better responsiveness has made the gaming industry much more realistic than it was about five years ago. And these advancements are bound to get better with time.

Artificial Intelligence has had its impact in numerous industries in the world today, be it gaming, education, healthcare, retail, transportation or communication. This is a concept of machines thinking like humans but not to make the psychological/emotional mistakes we make. Several industries have already implied a mass usage of AI in their systems & for gaming, in particular, it has been a huge success & is set to reach new pinnacles over time.