Eric Wetlaufer Talks About His Relationship

Of all of the friends that I have, there is only one who has been in a relationship for any great length of time and that is my buddy Eric Wetlaufer who has been with his partner since school, for almost a decade now. Eric and his girlfriend have long been the envy of myself and my fellow Wesson mate Frank, a man who has been declined for more dates than anyone that I know! Thankfully however we do keep good company and I had a chat with Eric last week via email, to ask him more about why he has such a happy relationship after such a long time.


The first point that Eric makes about his relationship is the amount of communication which they have with one another about everything. Whatever is bothering each of them, whatever concerns they might have, it is all laid bare to each other and he says that this is one of the most important parts of their relationship. He also tells us that is important that they do not have too much communication like some couples because then they would have nothing to speak about at the end of the day.


Trusting each other is vital Eric says and this is why they have been able to weather many a storm. I know for example that Eric has had advances from other women which he has rejected, not only does he prize fidelity above all else but he also speaks with his partner about these situations. This honesty and the morality that they both display is clearly why they are still going strong.


Eric tells me that he and his partner had a conversation in their first year together about how neither of them wanted to ever end up in a boring relationship like their parents had. They both made a pact that if the relationship ever became stale and they couldn’t improve it, that they would leave it and go their separate ways. In light of this conversation, Eric and his girlfriend pay particular attention to how they spend their time, and they always aim to do fun activities with each other to keep the entertainment going.


Something which Eric tells me that has to be done when you are in a relationship, and something which not enough people are keen on doing, is sacrificing. He tells me that it is impossible to act like a single man when you are not, and it is also impossible to act like a man in a relationship when you are not. When you enter into a relationship you are sacrificing your time and many of the activities which you once did. This is not all doom and gloom he tells me as you will be replacing these moments and that so-called freedom, with a loving relationship and all of the trappings that comes with it.

What do you think the keys to a successful relationship are?