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How Cleanliness In Hospitals Can Save People During Covid-19 Situation

As Covid-19 rampaged across the globe, the world joined forces to immediately get things under control. With the front line workers battling every day to keep us safe, sometimes the hospital rooms are neglected. With lives on the line, hospital cleanliness should be a top priority. 

A build up of dirt and germs can cause a host of issues in a hospital. With the recent influx of patients, it is hard to maintain strict disinfecting protocols. But that doesn’t mean you go lax at any point in time. Instead, you do the important job of taking care of Covid-19 patients and let us handle the cleaning duties. Our expert cleaners are now more than equipped to handle such situations.

Here is how to plan the cleaning

Develop a plan

Since there are a myriad of surfaces available in the hospital it is important that you develop your plan well in advance. Surfaces that are touched by a lot of people should be cleaned more often than other surfaces. These high-touch surfaces have a higher risk of spreading the infection and can cause various other problems.

High-touch surfaces should be cleaned once every day, if space is being occupied by toddlers or young children then increase the frequency. More often than not kids do not adhere to strict hygiene standards and are more likely to not wear masks or cover their mouth. 

Do you need regular disinfection?

In many situations, there might not be a need to disinfect daily. Regular cleaning will do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to preventing diseases. You should still disinfect high-touch areas because they see a lot of use. 

Equipment and resources

Disinfection can be a challenging task as you will need PPE kits and different types of cleaners to get the job done. If you are running low on disinfectants and cleaners it is best to not use them very liberally. 


With a plan in place, you can start the cleaning process easily. All you have to do is determine where and what are the high touch surfaces and which one needs less attention. 

In most cases, things like pens, pads, tables, doorknobs, desks, clamps, light switches are some of the most usual suspects. Patients can leave microorganisms all over the place. It is best that you disinfect these places daily and pay close attention to them.

Bedrails, bathrooms, and amenities like TV, glasses, and drawers are also some of the places that you should pay attention to. Cleaning these high-touch places can reduce your work several folds in the long run. 

Go from clean to dirty areas

When you clean the dirtiest place first there is a high chance of you transmitting the pathogens to other places yourself. The most efficient way to clean the hospital is to work your way from the cleanest to the dirtiest areas. Start from the healthiest patient’s room then go to the more terminally ill ones. 

This way you can reduce the chances of you spreading the virus. 


Cross Contamination

The biggest challenge while cleaning a hospital is avoiding cross-contamination. It is an extreme health hazard that can complicate things even for the healthiest of patients. 

Mops, rags, and things like gloves have a great chance of cross-contaminating the whole premises. You should dispose them off safely and ensure that the virus doesn’t leave the room.


Disposing of the waste properly so that it does not contaminate when accumulated is one of the most crucial steps. The packaging should be done in such a way that it cannot be undone easily. This ensures that the contents are hard to get into.

Beware of the chemicals

Cleaning agents and disinfectants are full of chemicals. They might be good for a lot of things but when it comes to your skin they can wreak havoc.

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