How Much Money Should I Save Before Moving to Atlanta?

Thousands of new residents move to Atlanta every year. These individuals have their own unique reason to move to this phenomenal city, whether it’s the film and production industry, the friendly people, or the comfortable living rates. If you’re Atlanta bound, learn how much money you’ll need to comfortably relocate right now rather than hope you’ve saved up enough money when you’re headed out on the highway.

Moving Company Costs

Suddath Atlanta long distance movers make relocating simple and stress-free. It is essential that you hire a moving professional to help with your move. Without movers, the entire process can quickly go astray. Costs of moving service vary from one job to the next. Factors that determine your rates for relocation include the distance you’re traveling, the number of rooms being moved, the day of the week, etc. Moving companies offer free estimates to movers looking to compare rates with a few companies to secure the best prices for their move.

Getting to Atlanta

Will you fly, drive, or take other transportation to Atlanta? Your choice of transportation method impacts the costs of getting around. Most people consider flights to be the cheapest and most convenient travel method. Expect a minimum cost of around $300 to fly into Atlanta from another state. Fuel prices in Atlanta average $2.39 per gallon as of October 2019.

Atlanta Home Rental Prices

If you’re renting in Atlanta, you’ll find a variety of delightful neighborhoods filled with single-family homes, apartment blocks, townhouses, lofts, and condos to choose from. You’re probably eager to move to the city, but don’t rush so quickly that you settle for the first home you find. So many amazing homes are scattered through Atlanta. Take the time to fall in love with the perfect home before you sign a lease. Atlanta housing is affordable. Downtown housing is more expensive than other areas, with a one-bedroom rental rate averaging $997 per month.

Cost to Buy a Home in Atlanta

Inside the city center, expect to pay $2,800 per square meter of space that you buy. Outside the city center, the price dramatically decreases to about $1,200 per square meter. Of course, this differs from one neighborhood to the next and some areas are considerably more expensive than others. Spend time researching the neighborhoods in Atlanta. Not only will this ensure you move to the right area to accommodate your family, but also that you get the rates most comfortable to your budget. New York, Los Angeles, London, and Dubai all have more expensive home prices, although Toronto and Paris home purchase rates are cheaper.

Save Your Money Before an Atlanta Move

As a general rule of thumb, save 3 – 6 months worth of income before moving to Atlanta. This amount ensures that you have a nest egg in the event that mishaps occur once you move. Plan to spend money on the items above, but don’t forget the many other expenses you may incur, including deposits at utility companies, transportation fees, etc.