Interesting ways to save money on your household appliances

There’s nothing more frustrating than realising your fridge freezer or your oven has broken down. The sudden expense can play havoc with your finances, and you may not be in the position to replace your electrical appliance right now.

Thankfully, there are ways you can keep costs low. Here we’ll explore some interesting ways you can save money on your household appliances.

Repair don’t replace

When a household appliance shows signs of failure or completely breaks down, our first instinct is to throw it away and replace it with a brand-new version. Although this approach might make sense, it’s also incredibly expensive, especially if you have a succession of appliance failures within a short space of time. Instead of shopping online for a new appliance, consider shopping online for appliance parts to repair your appliance instead. If you’re unsure of the parts you need, consult a household electronics repairer and they’ll offer help, advice and even fix the appliance once you have sourced the part you need.

Don’t be afraid of second-hand options

It’s easy to think that newer is better! Especially when it comes to household electricals, however, if you’re looking to save money on your electricals, you shouldn’t discount second-hand options. Remove images of rusty, food-stained microwaves and ancient-looking vacuum cleaners from your mind. Many second-hand providers sell products that are refurbished with new parts and meet all the relevant safety standards. These items are often guaranteed for at least 12 months!

Know what you really need

You might have your eye on a particular appliance, but do really need all the features you’ll be paying for? Coldwater dispensers, light changing options in your fridge, food mixers with 15+ accessories, or a vacuum cleaner with additional flooring adjustments…understanding what you really need and not allowing yourself to be pulled in by something with more expensive features than you really need can help you keep costs low and ensure you get the best value for your money.

Don’t neglect efficiency

Replacing your household appliances with low-cost options is great, but the savings shouldn’t stop there. A reconditioned microwave that is 10 years old might be budget-friendly, but if its energy efficiency rating is poor, then you’ll lose any potential savings you may have made on the price with those high electricity bills. Always choose electrical appliances with high energy efficiency ratings to get the best of both worlds.

Compare, compare, compare!

Don’t be drawn in by the exciting and eye-catching sales that major electronic companies have every month. Once you know what appliance or brand you want, head online and compare as many prices as possible. Don’t forget to check out smaller, independent retailers too!

And finally, borrow!

If your fridge or freezer has broken down, then you’ll need a replacement, fast. However, if it’s a small appliance that you want to replace, then you have other options. Instead of heading out to purchase a new version, ask friends, family, or neighbours if you can borrow there’s for a while. It’ll save you a sudden expense and give you more time to save.