Top Tips Which Will Help You Nail That Job Interview

Whether you are looking for bar work, to find a new lawyer job, a career in finance or even a position in your local store, it is likely that you will have to go through an interview process. Not everyone feels comfortable in interviews so it is important that you have a strategy which you can use to ensure that you ace the interview. An interview is about you, where you will have the chance to discuss who you are and what you want, whilst the employer is able to see what your character is liked and whether you fit in with what they are looking for. Getting to the job interview means that there is interest in you, and here are some tips on nailing the interview so that you get the job.


A smart move is to research the company that you are going to be interviewing for, to show passion and to show that this is a job which you really want. You don’t need to know the full ins and outs of the company, but it would make sense to learn a little about its history, and what position it is in at the moment. Try to memorize 4 or 5 facts about the business prior to your interview.

Know Who You Are

It can be easy for us to forget jobs from the past, how we left, why we left and what other experiences we have, even more so when you are under pressure in an interview. For this reason you should make sure that you study your resume and remind yourself of everything that you have done.


Avoid talking about your attributes without giving examples, as this will mean that they carry less weight. Anyone can sit there and say that they are creative and hard working, conscientious and organized, but without examples, these are nothing more than words. Offering concrete examples show that you are what you say that you are.

Talk to The Position

Never take your mind off the position that you are applying for, and ensure that the examples and explanations which you give, are directed towards that position. The idea of an interview is to see how suitable you are for this job role, tailoring your answer to focus on the position you have applied for then, is the smartest way to convince your interviewers that you are right for the job.

Final Tips

When you are in the interview, don’t be afraid to take a moment to think about the question, some see this as weakness but there is absolutely nothing wrong with pausing, thinking and then delivering your answer.┬áMake sure as well that you have open body language when you are being interviewed, use your hands and arms to gesticulate every so often as this will show confidence, and avoid putting your head down or losing eye contact.

Don’t worry about your interview, put in the work beforehand and you will be just fine, remember that just being selected for an interview means that you are already ┬ábeing considered for the position.