What to Expect When You Use Interdependence PR

After growing increasingly tired of ur old PR firm we decided that it was time to move in a different direction and find a company which understood us and could help us achieve our goals. After such searching and many meetings with PR firms, we eventually settled on the team at Interdependence PR. At the time we were pretty impressed with what they said that they could do for us and they were certainly the best of all those who we spoke with, but at that stage you never really know how things will go. We have been delighted with what this company has achieved for us and here is what to expect when you start working with them. 


Both myself and the rest of the management team are incredibly goals orientated and we work tirelessly to get the results which we set out. Both our old PR firm and many of the PR firms that we met with just didn’t get this and we were looking for a team which spoke our language and which was dedicated to our success. This is exactly what we got with Interdependence and from the word go they were clearly as dedicated as were. What I love about this team is that they didn’t just understand us, they worked hard to understand our marketplace and how best to speak and package the product for best results. 


One of the biggest reasons why we wanted a public relations firm in the first place was because we don’t have the level of creativity in-house to achieve what we want in terms of managing and presenting our business in the market. Interdependence have earned a reputation in the PR industry of only hiring the very best when it comes to their creatives and this really shows. The way in which they presents campaigns, the mad-cap but highly successful ideas which they come up with and their passion to creating something great has helped us to achieve everything that we wanted for our business


I am a real stickler for customer service, especially in a B2B situation. Sadly however many services that work within the PR sphere just don’t seem to feel the same and during our meetings with other companies this was very apparent. With Interdependence however this was not the case and from the moment that we walked through that door they have treated us like we are their number 1 customer. 


Ultimately it often doesn’t matter how you get there, as long as you do and with this PR firm we have not only been able to achieve all of the goals that we laid out before them, but we have done so with a team which has been committed to our success, treated us well, worked tirelessly and delivered on every single aspect of our deal which they said that they would. This is a brilliant company which I’d recommend to everyone.