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Seasonal Tips for Lawn Maintenance in Sydney’s Northern Beaches

It’s no secret that Australians love their lawns! Early this year, the Canberra Museum and Gallery had a travelling exhibit called The Blade: Australia’s Love Affair With Lawn showcasing the nation’s lawn care and gardening history. Australia can also claim the distinction of ranking 2nd worldwide in lawn care spending at 3 billion dollars, according to IBIS World Report. Since Aussies adore lush, emerald yards so much, they are likely willing to spend the time and money growing and maintaining them the best that they can.

Depending on where you live in the country, you will need to adjust your lawn care maintenance to the changes in climate that occur throughout the year. This weather variability can affect places all over, including coastal Australia. Your lawn care Northern Beaches is challenging due to coastal winds, which can bring cooler temperatures, dryness and significant salt. When winds are calm, you might encounter opposite conditions such as hot temperatures and high humidity.  Fortunately, experts have tips for each season that can help you manage the health and beauty of your lawn.

In the Spring

After winter, your lawn will look its worst. However, this is also the main preparation period for getting your grass the healthiest it can be, so you have days of green splendor to enjoy in the future. Here are a few things you can do on your own, or request from a hired lawn service professional:

  • Clear twigs and dead leaves

  • Run a rake through browned grass

  • Fertilise using a slow-release fertiliser

  • Don’t over-water due to the cool nights

  • Aerate the soil

  • Check sparse areas that might be prone to weeds

  • Get your mower or tractor serviced and ready for use

In the Summer

Southeast coastal Australia usually experiences hot temperatures in the summer. But, some regions could still have some cooler nights or dryness.  Your lawn will need double the amount of water for this season, so you will need to keep up with this in the early mornings.  Dry summers can affect lawn care North Shore, so check the ground moisture frequently. Also:

  • Keep grass a bit longer to minimise weeds

  • Use your mower’s mulch setting instead of bagging the grass cuttings

  • You can fertilise again three months after the first spring application

  • Avoid fertilising in hot weather

  • Water in the early morning to prevent nighttime fungal issues

  • Use a weed control product if needed

In the Autumn

For Autumn lawn care Northern Beaches, you can relax a bit because grass growth will slow due to lower evening temperatures and less sun. This is a very pleasant time of year with many sunny days, but low-pressure systems can bring heavy rainfall at times. At this time of year you should:

  • Reduce mowing frequency

  • Clear falling leaves

  • Monitor moisture and adjust the watering schedule if needed

  • Consider fertilising again if you are able to do it more than once per year

  • Treat your lawn for bindii prickles, a weed that is prevalent this season

In the Winter

Despite the extreme heat in summer, winter lawn care Northern Beaches requires you to prepare for frost. It’s also a good time to aerate the grass because it can become compressed after the heat and dryness in the summer.  Follow these tips:

  • Water in the morning only if needed. Overwatering can rot and freeze the grass.

  • Reduce the risk of fungi growth by bagging grass cuttings.

  • Aerate your lawn with a rake or you can hire a professional to use an aerator.

  • You might only have to mow a few times this season.

In Seasons When You Need Help From Lawn Care and Maintenance Services

If you need help getting the lawn of your dreams, consider hiring a professional. When contacting lawn and garden companies, ask for an estimate for the work needed.  Find out how much experience the person has or if they have any credentials.

Also, Hortculture is a premium service provider in New South Wales (NSW) and charges may vary by region and requirements. Thus, enquire and have thorough knowledge about the cost before you initiate the process. You can look online to check out businesses available for lawn care North Shore as well as surrounding areas in the Northern Beaches.

You can achieve a heavenly, luscious field of green in your backyard by following these seasonal tips yourself or seeking help from the experts.  It’s no wonder that homeowners from North Shore and the Northern Beaches want to spend time outdoors and enjoy the beauty surrounding them.  Why not make your lawn the centre of it all?