What You Need to Know About Hiring Generation Z

It’s starting – Generation Z (Gen Z, or Zoomers as they’ve been recently dubbed) are making their way into the workforce. These newcomers are born between the mid-1990s and mid-2000s and they are just finishing their higher education and launching their careers.

In fact, estimates indicate that by 2030, Gen Z will make up about 30% of the workforce. Businesses need to be aware of this reality and make adjustments to their recruiting strategies in order to attract this next generation of talent. Otherwise, they might not be taking the right steps to weed out the good candidates from the bad ones.

Advice from Top Recruiters

Top recruiting agency IQ Partners knows that it can often be difficult to identify the best candidate for the job. It doesn’t help when a new generation enters the field and brings with them a host of different expectations that may not be familiar.

You’ll also find that those of the Gen Z generation follow different trends than previous generations like millennials. For example, research shows that many of them aspire to work with the latest technology, and for more than 90% of respondents, technology influences their preferred job choice. Furthermore, 80% said they feel that technology and automation will help to create a more equitable work environment.

With technology a key component to how Gen Z search for employers, it’s important that companies are reviewing their online recruiting strategies – which leads us to your first tip.

1. A Strong Online Presence

In order to get noticed by Gen Z you need to be have a strong brand presence on the online platforms they frequent. They are more likely than any other generation to judge you based on your online presence and how you utilize social media platforms to engage with not only the general public but also with potential recruits.

2. Ethics are Important

We saw this with Millennials as well, but Gen Z are coming in even stronger about valuing honesty and integrity. They want to work for companies that are focus-driven and who aren’t mixed up in any shady or unethical practices.

3. They Need Flexibility

Gen Z are incredibly independent and need roles which offer room to learn, grow, and do things beyond the confines of their designated roles. Hard work should be rewarded with an opportunity to advance their career.

4. Seeking Stability

Because Gen Z have grown up during a period of economic uncertainty and unrest, they are very risk-adverse and are looking for opportunities that offer long-term employment. If your company shows signs of high turn-over rates or has experienced lay-offs, they’ll likely steer clear.

Put Thought into Action

Now that you have an idea of what Gen Z candidates are looking for, you need to adjust your recruiting strategies to adapt to it. While creating a strong online presence is important, what else can you do attract the right candidate?

Basically, it all boils down to being able to tailor your available positions to meet the changing needs of the next generation. Still not exactly sure how to do that? Consider hiring a recruiting company to help you come up with the right strategy.